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Name:Mr. antok [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. antok at yogyakarta
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. antok at yogyakarta
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Address:jl,imogiri timur km 10,wonokromo 2,rt 05,pleret,bantul,yogyakarta,indonesia pos 55791
yogyakarta 55791, Yogyakarta
perusahaan kami berdiri sudah 9 tahun yang lalu, dan produksi di bidang miniatur, yang materialnya dari logam campuran.
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Registration Date:Jun. 02, 2011
Last Updated:Jan. 17, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Gifts & Crafts category

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we sell miniature bicycle, becak, harley davidson, bicycle mountain, bicycle thailand, bicycle set of two, and material from metal or iron.contec me: antok, jl imogiri timur km 10, wonokromo 2, rt 05, pleret, bantul, yogyakarta indonesia post 55791.
phone : + 62-0274-4415161, mobile: 081229458803, 08562866128.

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